Go Global Again

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You’re back from your study abroad or study away program but your global experience doesn’t have to end here. There are many ways to stay involved with PittGEO, get involved globally at a local level and connect with study abroad alumni. If you’re interested in continuing your global education by traveling again, there are limitless opportunities to accomplish your goals. 

Study Abroad or Study Away... Again!

With proper planning you can participate in another global experience during your undergraduate program! If you’re interested in another study abroad/study away experience you should: 

  • Revisit Application Requirements
  • Reopen the Search for Programs to find another program that interests you
  • Meet with your academic advisor and global experiences advisor to discuss how another experience can fit into your academic program
  • Consider a different length or type of program – remember that global experiences come in all different durations (spring break, 2–8-week summer programs and semester or year abroad programs) and different types of experiences (research, internship, Pitt-Recognized, etc.) 
  • Try a new location! Global experiences are the perfect opportunity to expand your perspectives and visit "non-traditional" locations 

Post-Graduate Opportunities 

Your global experience doesn't have to end after your undergraduate program. There are a variety of ways to go global again regardless of goals, budget or language skills. You could consider teaching English abroad, internships and research opportunities, volunteer experiences and more. These resources are intended to provide a broad overview of some of the options and support your search. 

  • Pitt Passport - Provides job/internship search strategies, guidance and resources for 75+ countries. 
  • Career Services - Work with a career consultant to explore opportunities 
  • Pitt Commons - An online platform designed specifically for the Pitt community - explore networks, resources and groups of common interests, including study abroad and other international-based networks 
  • Going Abroad Again - An extensive list of resources for post-graduate schools, internships, volunteer organizations and more (downloadable PDF).