Global in Pittsburgh

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Apply the intercultural competencies you gained while abroad back home here in Pittsburgh!  The following globally-minded Pittsburgh organizations do important work with international communities and have a wide array of global and cultural engagement opportunities:

This program supports recently arrived refugees through various means such as summer camp programming, art groups for young immigrant women, and after school programming. Volunteer opportunities available 

Casa San José
A community resource center that advocates for and empowers the greater Pittsburgh Latine population by promoting integration and self-sufficiency through more than 5 different programs. Volunteer opportunities and internships are available.

City of Asylum
This unique organization provides sanctuary to exiled writers from all over the world, protecting them from danger and allowing them to continue to use their voice.  Volunteer opportunities available.

This non-profit organization builds educational, cultural, and business relationships between the global community and the Greater Pittsburgh region through citizen diplomacy.  Volunteer, internship, and work study opportunities available.

Global Links
This medical relief and development organization supports health-improvement initiatives in resource-poor communities and promotes environmental stewardship in the US healthcare system.  Volunteer opportunities available.

The Global Switchboard
A steward of equitable global engagement, this organization works to grow and connect the network of globally-focused organizations and individuals in the city of Pittsburgh.

Global Wordsmiths
A woman-owned business whose goal is to increase language access to those in need through language translation, localization and interpretation services, and language access consulting and training services.

Hello Neighbor
A local non-profit organization that helps support newcomers, immigrants, and refugees integrate into the Pittsburgh community.  Volunteer opportunities available.

Literacy Pittsburgh
The largest literacy organization in the city that provides language and literacy learning services to both adults and children to support them in improving their livelihoods.   Volunteer opportunities available.

World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
Working to build a more globally-minded region, this non-profit organization offers students and the community a learning space that covers key international issues.  Internship opportunities available.