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SACC-USA (Swedish American Chambers of Commerce of the USA) is a non-profit membership organization at the regional, national and international level.   One of SACC-USA goals is to promote educational and cultural exchange in order to increase mutual understanding between the two countries. To this end, SACC-USA invites technology candidates to apply for positions as interns in corporations in Sweden. 


The internships on offer will differ from year to year but are generally in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) but may also be in other fields such as business.  The internships will range from large multinational corporations to startups.  These are paid internships with the stipend varying from placement to placement. Housing/accommodation assistance and assistance with the visa process, are provided by SACC-USA. Students will be required to cover the cost of their visa application, flight and living expenses. 

Knowledge of the Swedish language is NOT required - the language of the work experience is English.  As many individuals in Sweden also speak English, daily life will not require a knowledge of the Swedish language. 


Why Sweden?

  • Sweden is a leader in technology, innovation and entrepeneurship
  • Our partner companies are at the cutting edge of their field
  • Each position comes with a detailed plan for what you will achieve professionally during your traineeship
  • Experience the Swedish work/life balance
  • Swedish core values are inclusiveness, equality, and a flat management style in combination with a strong work ethic

Application requirements:

  • Pitt student in good standing
  • Academic Standing: Applicants should have attained junior-level standing or above by the time the internship begins. Sophomores may also apply, but should include some relevant internship or lab experience as part of their application. Graduating seniors and recent graduates are also eligible in certain placements, and are encouraged to speak with the program team before submitting an application.
  • Major: Technical field of study, including all engineering fields as well as business majors. The postings for positions will outline what fields are are currently needed; this will change as postings are updated. 
  • Language: Fluency in English is required.
  • Minimum 2.75 GPA
  • application to the program does not equal aceptance.  Each internship company host will make the final decision on hiring.

Costs: Please check with the provider's website. Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.


Academic Description: 
Internships are available varying types of host employers: small startups, medium-sized companies, multinational corporations, research institutions, and non-profit or government organizations. Credit for internships is given at the discretion of each school at the University of Pittsburgh. If you want to gain credit, you would need to pay Pitt for the credit hours during the summer. Speak with your faculty coordinator before beginning the internship to ensure all steps are taken for you to receive credit.
Application Instructions: 

You will apply to both Pitt's online application on this website, as well as submit your resume directly to SACC-USA here. The SACC-USA deadline and Pitt application and deadline are NOT the same.  The SACC-USA deadline will vary according to employer needs.  

SAO Staff: 

Alicia JF Olalde, M.A.

Hello! Konnichiwa! I am the Director for Global Experiences and Engagement in the Swanson School of Engineering.  After working for the JET program in Japan for just over two years, I decided to pursue a career in international education. I returned to the US via a few months of travel -slowing making my way west with many stops in stunning locations and with amazing people. Whenever possible, I continue  explore new countries and cultures and have had the good fortune to work, study and travel all over the world. I have been fortunate to work both as an administrator and as a classroom educator in higher education; my areas of interest are international, adult and comparative education.  I enjoy assisting engineering students seize global opportunities! 

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