Amgen Research Scholars Program - Asia


The Amgen Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct research for 8 weeks in Asia.   Students are able to choose from a variety of research topic in the sciences. 

Current universities hosting the program in Asia are: 

Kyoto University (Japan)

National University of Singapore

The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Tsinghua University (China) - This location is not available for summer 2023.


Application requirements:

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA 
  • In your second year as an undergrad student or higher 
  • Please check provider for additional requirements

Costs: The Amgen website has information on funding, amounts and details.  Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.


Academic Description: 
The Amgen Scholars Program provides hundreds of selected undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on research experience at many of the world’s leading educational institutions. The Program seeks to increase learning and networking opportunities for students committed to pursuing science or engineering careers and to spark the interest and broaden the perspective of students considering scientific careers. Ultimately, the Program aims to increase the number of students pursuing advanced training and careers in the sciences.
Biological Sciences
Application Instructions: 

In addition to applying to Pitt Global Experiences through this application portal,  and submitting the Pitt application materials, you must also submit an application and additional documents DIRECTLY to the AMGEN program  Pitt's application deadline for this program is  Jan 23, 2023.    Amgen typically has a similar deadline! 


Please review the Amgen website for updates, dates and details.  

SAO Staff: 

Chandra Colaresi

Hi! My name is Chandra, and I am a Global and Engineering Professional Development Consultant in the Swanson School of Engineering. My professional background is in communications and policy, but I have been lucky enough to study or work in England, Scotland, France, and Belgium. Please contact me if you are interested in global research, co-op, or internship opportunities as well as the Global Supply Networks program. Let’s discuss all the exciting options you have to see the world during your time at Pitt!

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Dr. Dave Fraser

Dave Fraser advises and supports Pitt Honors College students as well as any other Pitt student pursuing national or international awards and scholarships. He focuses on support for students with interests in STEM fields but is always open to working with students from other disciplines.

Dave was born in Boston Massachusetts but has also lived for significant parts of his life in Egypt, Puerto Rico, Madrid, Chicago, D.C., and (of course) Pittsburgh. He is an avid traveler and fan of cross-cultural experiences and learning. He was a Biology and Neuroscience professor for 10 years before joining the Honors College in 2019.

Dave lives in Highland Park with his wife and daughter. His weekends focus on family, music, food, house repair, and coaxing flowers from his growing (literally) collection of native (mostly) plants in his garden.

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Lesha Greene

Lesha Greene hails from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis, population: 55,000. She provides individualized mentoring and support to Frederick Honors College students and offers guidance to all Pitt students interested in applying for national and international awards. 
Before coming to Pitt and Pittsburgh, Lesha lived in New York City and worked at the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a large, international non-governmental organization. During her 15-year tenure at OSF, Lesha worked on developing and managing international scholarship programs for students and faculty from Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Eurasia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. These programs aimed to build human capacity within a variety of subject areas, support civil society and community development, or, improve the pedagogy of local faculty.
She is fluent in toddler-speak and enjoys jigsaw puzzles and real estate. She is extremely competitive when it comes to bar trivia and Monopoly. She is working on finishing a novella.

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