Amazing Live Music Venues Abroad

Valerie Quickel
One of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in your host country is to go and see live music. Whether this means attending huge festivals with thousands of people or going to see a soloist at a small pub, it’s a great way to get involved and surround yourself with the locals.
Besides the music, going to see a live show also gives you the opportunity to visit world-famous venues. To give you some ideas, here’s the low-down on a few venues that are definitely worth checking out while you’re abroad:
1. London - Royal Albert Hall: This theatre has hosted nearly every big name in music, and is also one of the oldest venues in London, having officially opened in 1871. With the huge dome roof and the mosaic on the building’s exterior, the Hall is sure to impress. Even if there are not any concerts that you are interested in attending, it is at least worth taking a tour of.
2. Paris – Sainte Chapelle: The chapel of Sainte Chapelle is truly one of the most stunning sites in Paris. The old gothic-style chapel’s interior is filled with stained glass from floor to ceiling. As far as concerts go, be sure to check out their classical music performances. Again, this place is definitely tour-worthy even if you do not want to attend a concert.
3. Sydney – Hodern Pavilion: Although it may not have the awing architecture of the Opera House, this venue welcomes famous artists from around the world. Panic! At the Disco was just there, and artists such as the Pixies and Diplo will also be performing there this semester. If you miss the sold-out-show atmosphere of Stage AE, this pavilion is the place to check out.
Concerned about prices? Being a student can often be used to your advantage, especially when buying tickets to tour the more famous venues. Be sure to download city-specific apps that can inform you of student discounts, or potentially rush tickets, to find the best deal. Spontaneous shows are always fun, but in order to see your favorite artist, it is best to plan ahead.
Valerie Quickel is a senior Marketing and Global Management double major with a minor in French. She went on the Plus3 China program in Summer 2015 and studied abroad in Paris, France in Summer 2016. She then interned at Pitt’s Study Abroad Office during Spring 2017.
This article originally appeared in The Traveling Times, an online Pitt SAO newsletter.