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  • Having completed my study abroad program in London and coming back home, I have had time to reflect on my experiences while abroad and how they have influenced not only my professional development, but my academic and personal growth as well. Before going on this program, I had hoped to be able to learn more about what business looked like internationally and be able to bring what I learned back with me and use it in future academic and professional endeavors. I believe that this experience allowed me to accomplish that and more. It has also given me an insight into what I would like my... Read More

  • I experienced a lot of growth personally, academically, and professionally throughout my time in Berlin in a short period of time. For me, I learn best when I’m put into new situations. Although stressful at times, I almost like that feeling of being “thrown into the fire”. This program was the perfect balance of being thrown into an uncomfortable foreign environment without feeling like I was completely on my own. Sure, I was in Europe the furthest I’ve ever lived from home working my first ever internship, but at the same time, I was with a group of students all in similar situations.... Read More

  • It’s no secret that studying abroad can be expensive. Even after the tuition and the program fees, figuring out how to keep track of and save money on your daily expenses while actually living abroad is essential. Here are a few budgeting tips that I picked up from my time in Florence, Italy on the Pitt in Florence program to help you save some money when studying abroad without sacrificing your experience. 

    1. Cook at home

    The food was one of the things I was most excited for during my study abroad program in Italy, and it sure didn’t disappoint... Read More

  • During my time in London, I took an international finance class through CAPA, which is the program that coordinates study abroad with Pitt. This class was similar to my classes at Pitt in terms of things like class structure and assignments and I really enjoyed learning about international finance in a different country as it allowed me draw upon differences between what the finance world looked like in London and in America. The class assignments included a midterm, a final, and a final group project however the material our professor taught us adequately prepared us for these assignments... Read More

  • Hello from London! My name is Hannah Oliver, and I am a junior majoring in accounting and finance, minoring in economics, and pursuing a certificate program in international business. I currently serve as the Vice President of Finance for the Lambda chapter of the co-ed professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and am an associate in Pitt Smart Women Securities. Outside of the classroom, I work as a Finance employee for the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). As you can probably tell, I am a finance fanatic! With this being said, I am beyond excited about... Read More

  • The best advice I could give others who want to study abroad is to be open and understand the power of yes and no. When planning to travel outside the country and step out of your comfort zone intentionally, it is imperative to be aware and accountable for your preconceived biases and boundaries.

    Before embarking on my summer adventure to Europe, I wrote out some learning objectives that I wanted to have achieved by the end of my trip.
    (I wrote these goals on January 20, 2022)

    1. “I hope to facilitate a paradigm shift from ethnocentrism to... Read More
  • I suppose it depends on who you ask. I know someone who thinks eating is overrated, so perhaps it may not be a universal truth. Regardless of this controversial opinion, for me, food is the window to the soul. Eating and enjoying food with good company is something that I value. It is an experience, a comfort, a chapter on life’s simplest pleasures. Food, and the care you put into its ingredients, can transcend language, bringing people together.
    In Rennes, I mostly ate at home, but went to restaurants and small cafes with friends for lighter meals or snacks. My host mother is a... Read More

  • Working at Giulia Barela Jewelry (GBJ) in Rome, Italy, was my first experience outside of a nonprofit environment, and it was a great way to transition into the retail space. It was eye-opening to see a business run by an artist who is thoughtful in their designs and allows them to speak for themselves to connect with a consumer base. At GBJ, there is an excellent balance between passion and profit.

    In 2012, the brand was born in the heart of Rome, where the designer, Giulia Barela herself, personally molds and casts her visions into existence in the form of wearable sculptures... Read More

  • In Tbilisi there is a large monument on one of the hills overlooking the city called Kartlis Deda, or Mother of Georgia. Kartlis Deda is supposed to be the quintessential symbol of the Georgian spirit throughout history. In one of Kartlis Deda’s hands she holds a sword for those coming as enemies, and in the other a glass of wine for those coming as guests.
    I grew up in Texas so I naturally take hospitality very seriously. However, I must say that Georgians take the idea of hospitality to a level that surpasses anything I have ever experienced. To Georgians, a guest is a gift... Read More

  • Before studying abroad, one aspect of traveling that I was most excited about was the food and Austria did not disappoint. Before I left, I researched “Austrian foods” and was slightly concerned with the results. I prioritize eating a variety of healthy foods, and every website listed mostly meats, breads, and desserts; however, I was being naïve. Similar to the United States, Austria had a wide array of cuisines and plenty of options. Our trip had the luxury of being able to choose dinner at one of the many surrounding restaurants almost every night. My friends and I had one rule when it... Read More