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Life Across the Pond (And Over the Thames)

Hello readers! I am so excited to be writing to you from across the pond in London, England! To start with a little about myself, my name is Hailey Hunter. I’m a rising senior marketing major with certificates in business analytics, leadership & ethics, and public & professional writing. This summer I will be blogging from the Global Business Institute London program, where I will spend 6 weeks with CAPA, The Global Education Network.

Cheers Londoners!

My study abroad experience was different than most students in that I did not attend a university in my home country but studied at a global education network comprised of all American students. CAPA offered me several opportunities that I am extremely grateful for, the most being I had a homebase full of familiar faces in an unknown place. Being my first time abroad, I found that extremely beneficial.

Everyday is A New Day

The best thing about Engineering the German Way Program was that everyday was completely different and exciting. Every morning we would get up early and either cook breakfast or walk to the bakery close to our hotel to pick up croissants and pretzels and other delicious pastries. Munich also had the most delicious orange juice I have ever tasted, and I craved it every morning. During the week our class schedule was different every day, but we would usually start class at 9am.

German Buddies

One of the main reasons my trip was so memorable was because of the amazing people I met on the trip. For our program we were assigned 4 German buddies that helped us explore and be familiar with Munich and take us to the activities planned for us. Our 4 buddies were students in the school we were attending in the master’s program. From the first day when they picked us up at the airport, we quickly became friends with them.

Home in Germany

For Engineering the German Way, everyone in the program stayed in the Living Hotel in Munich. The rooms were meant for two people to share, with each person having their own twin size bed. We all stayed on the same floor only a couple of doors away from each other. Each hotel room had two twin beds, a bathroom, small kitchenette, closet space, one desk, and a safe. The kitchenette had a mini fridge, stove, sink, pots and pans, plates, and utensils. This was very convenient for being able to cook meals in our room without needing to buy any cooking ware ourselves.

3 Tips to Save Money While Studying Abroad

It’s no secret that studying abroad can be expensive. Even after the tuition and the program fees, figuring out how to keep track of and save money on your daily expenses while actually living abroad is essential. Here are a few budgeting tips that I picked up from my time in Florence, Italy on the Pitt in Florence program to help you save some money when studying abroad without sacrificing your experience. 

From Art to Language: My Academic Experience in Florence

As a double major in English Writing and Linguistics preparing for my upcoming junior year, my classes back at Pitt were really starting to focus on my majors, with not a ton of variety outside those two disciplines. In contrast, my goal when picking a study abroad program was to find a program that would allow me to fulfill the rest of my general education requirements and try something new. One of my remaining gen-eds was the Geographic Region requirement - what better way to learn about a geographic region than to experience it firsthand?

An Inside (and Outside) Look at my Florence Apartment

“Home away from home.” 
I feel like I heard this phrase a hundred times when I was preparing to study abroad, watching videos and reading blogs just like this one, and I was more than a bit nervous. How was I supposed to find home in Italy when home would be a literal ocean away? These doubts swirled in my head as I made my way across the Atlantic and through the Tuscan countryside, but when I first stepped into my apartment in Florence, my nerves began to subside.

Reflecting on Challenges of Living Abroad

Spending the last six weeks living in London has given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop professionally, academically, and personally. It seems like just yesterday I was pacing around the airport before boarding my first ever international flight. However, since then I have found a home in London, completed two classes and an internship abroad, and took six more international flights to visit Paris, Dublin, and Venice.

3 Lessons From London

Being in London for a few weeks, I love to reflect on all of the lessons I have learned along the way. I am so grateful for this unique opportunity to grow and understand my strengths and weaknesses coming into this journey. Here are three pieces of advice that I would share with anyone interested in studying abroad in general or in London specifically: