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Business in a Global Context

During my time in London, I took an international finance class through CAPA, which is the program that coordinates study abroad with Pitt. This class was similar to my classes at Pitt in terms of things like class structure and assignments and I really enjoyed learning about international finance in a different country as it allowed me draw upon differences between what the finance world looked like in London and in America.

Lessons from London

Having completed my study abroad program in London and coming back home, I have had time to reflect on my experiences while abroad and how they have influenced not only my professional development, but my academic and personal growth as well. Before going on this program, I had hoped to be able to learn more about what business looked like internationally and be able to bring what I learned back with me and use it in future academic and professional endeavors. I believe that this experience allowed me to accomplish that and more.

Adjusting in London

Before attending my study abroad program in London, I was worried about whether or not I would be able to adjust to the living situation there. However, it was not as hard as I expected and the living arrangements I was given were in a great part of the city, right near the iconic London Tower Bridge! The university coordinates with a study abroad company to send students abroad and they arranged all the housing accommodations for us. We were given a housing questionnaire before the program started asking about our daily schedules and preferences.

Healthcare from Different Perspectives

During my abroad trip, I learned about healthcare from many different perspectives. I realized that when it comes my education as a future physical therapist, there are vital lessons I can learn from everyone, including those who do not have a background in healthcare. Overall, there were multiple occasions in which the importance of empathy as a healthcare worker was emphasized. In my future endeavors, I plan to keep these interactions in mind so I can remember to treat patients from a holistic approach.

A New Learning Environment

Healthcare and history are two subjects I have always struggled with in school. I never realized their importance, and therefore, had little interest in them. I would simply memorize facts given to us on PowerPoints in class. A few weeks later, the crammed information would be forgotten. While abroad, my mindset completely changed. I was able to see and understand the impacts of healthcare and history on a country and its people. We visited historic sites, museums, and healthcare facilities which re- enforced what we learned in the class.

More Than Just Food

Before studying abroad, one aspect of traveling that I was most excited about was the food and Austria did not disappoint. Before I left, I researched “Austrian foods” and was slightly concerned with the results. I prioritize eating a variety of healthy foods, and every website listed mostly meats, breads, and desserts; however, I was being naïve. Similar to the United States, Austria had a wide array of cuisines and plenty of options. Our trip had the luxury of being able to choose dinner at one of the many surrounding restaurants almost every night.

Interning in Rome

Working at Giulia Barela Jewelry (GBJ) in Rome, Italy, was my first experience outside of a nonprofit environment, and it was a great way to transition into the retail space. It was eye-opening to see a business run by an artist who is thoughtful in their designs and allows them to speak for themselves to connect with a consumer base. At GBJ, there is an excellent balance between passion and profit.

Be Open and Be Yourself

The best advice I could give others who want to study abroad is to be open and understand the power of yes and no. When planning to travel outside the country and step out of your comfort zone intentionally, it is imperative to be aware and accountable for your preconceived biases and boundaries.

Before embarking on my summer adventure to Europe, I wrote out some learning objectives that I wanted to have achieved by the end of my trip.
(I wrote these goals on January 20, 2022)

Outside the Classroom Learning

Living in Rome was like living in a museum. The eternal city is ripe with culture and history at every corner and ingrained in every brick or piece of travertine. While abroad, I took a class called “Roman Art and Civilization: From Antiquity to the Present.” I learned all about Roman history from before the monarchy to present times with a particular focus on Rome’s material, cultural, artistic, and architectural evidence.

To Find a Common Language

Throughout my program in Batumi I would often use the Russian phrase найти общий язык when speaking to people about my adjustment to Georgia, when making new friends, and when seeking understanding with my Georgian host family. Найти общий язык means “to find a common language” and usually people use this phrase when expressing the time when new friends find their rhythm and reach an understanding.