First-generation Students

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As the first in your family to pursue a baccalaureate degree, you are in a unique position to excel in global education due to your perseverance throughout your formal education and because you successfully navigated unfamiliar environments. We recognize that you may still have questions and concerns about global education such as finances or communicating the importance of such an experience with your family.

How can I explain to my family the benefits of global education to my academic and career goals?
You should think strategically about understanding and articulating how the global education experience will benefit you academically, professionally, and personally. Clearly define your reasons for pursuing global education. Please reach out to your Global Experiences Advisor, Program Manager, or Career Services if you need help articulating the value of global competency.
What resources are available to guide me through this process?
We have many on-campus resources available to you that can help you plan for global education. Your Global Experiences Advisor and/or Academic Advisor can help you choose a program that fits well within your academic and career plans. We recommend speaking to the Financial Aid Wellness Center to learn about financial resources available to you. Schedule an appointment with Career Services to get tips on how to incorporate your global education experience into your resume and interviews.
How can I find additional funding sources to make a global education experience feasible?
Reach out to your Global Experiences Advisor or Program Manager to discuss program costs (including tuition, fees, and out-of-pocket expenses), budgeting, and sources of funding. Contact the Financial Aid Wellness Center to learn if your financial aid can be used toward your program cost. You should also check out the Global Experiences Office website for available scholarships.
Consider developing a budget for your time in your program. Be realistic. Come up with ideas for things you want to do independently and with new friends. Consider the cost of common out of pocket expenses in the host location. Speak with your on-site provider to learn about discounts that may be available to students.

Before you go, you may want to consider the following:

  • How will you keep in touch with family and friends while on location?
  • How will you incorporate your experiences with your life at Pitt upon return?
  • How important is placement proximity to your friends and family? Will you be more comfortable within or closer to the United States, or would you prefer an experience further away?


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