Global Supply Networks & Manufacturing Culture in Latin America- Uruguay


Spend three weeks in beautiful Montevideo, Uruguay, while learning about global supply chains and engineering manufacturing in a Latin American context! 

This course provides students with the fundamentals of international supply chain management with a particular focus on Latin America and Uruguay. Students will place their understanding of these concepts within a cultural context as they study in the cosmopolitan city of Montevideo, Uruguay. This is a 3-credit course conducted in English by local faculty from Universidad de Montevideo. The course includes lectures, field visits to companies, and group projects with students from the Universidad de Montevideo and other international students from around the world.

Read more about the program here.

What You'll Accomplish: 

You will gain:

  • Theoretical understanding of the supply chain process in Latin America
  • Understanding of global, national, and environmental issues of business/engineering companies in Uruguay
  • Practical skills in creating an industry and firm analysis of companies in Uruguay
  • Cross-cultural skills by living and studying in Uruguay

The University of Montevideo is a private university located in the capital city Montevideo in Uruguay. The university has approximately 3,000 students. This summer program is offered to international students around the world and conducted in English. It not only highlights the global supply chain, focusing on Latin America, but also allows you to gain perspectives from international students from around the world. 
Uruguay is a country in South America, bordering Argentina to the west and Brazil to the north. With a population of 1.3 million, the capital city of Montevideo is the cultural center of the country. The city is situated on the northern banks of Rio de la Plata, and Montevideo is the southernmost capital city in all of the Americas. Home to tango dancing, the world's longest Carnival, and candombe (a form of Afro-Latin music), Montevideo boasts rich a cultural tradition. The city is often cited as offering the highest quality of life in Latin America. 

Where You'll Live: 

Students will be staying in a hotel in Montevideo. 

You can expect the following:

  • Double or triple rooms with a shared bathroom
  • Rooms include a mini-fridge and microwave
  • Heat and air conditioning 
  • Sheets, blankets, towels, and washcloths
  • Breakfast is included each day 
  • Wifi
  • Additional amenities include a computer station, a terrace, and laundry facilities.
What You'll Study: 

The program is designed specifically for Engineering or Pitt Business students. The course is focused on international supply chain management in Latin America.  

This program at University of Montevideo includes students from around the globe and students from Uruguay. The program includes lectures on supply chain management, field trips to local companies, and sightseeing activities. 

This program is a 3-credit program. You will not receive a letter grade for this program but will receive academic credit as long as you receive the equivalent of a C or higher in the course. 

Engineering students can view how the course will fulfill degree requirements here:

If you are a Pitt Business student, please contact your academic advisor how the course can count for requirements. 


Global Supply Networks & Manufacturing Culture in Latin America (ENGR1228)

We partner with the University of Montevideo. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be connected with a team member at Montevideo for specific instructions.  


Your Pitt Study Abroad Contacts: 

Chandra Colaresi

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Items Billed by Pitt

  In-State Out-of-State
Engineering Students - Tuition Plus Fees (part-time fees: $387) $3,126 $5,301
Business Students Tuition Plus Fees (part-time fees: $387) $3,144 $5,457
Study Abroad Fee $300 $300
ENGR Students: Total Billed by Pitt $3,426 $5,601
BUS Students: Total Billed by Pitt $3,444 $5,757

Estimated Additional Out-of-Pocket Costs

Program Fees paid to the University of Montevideo- students pay for housing, excursions and airport transfers (this is paid directly to the University of Montevideo, information will be provided in your acceptance email).  $1,800
Airfare - students will purchase their own airfare TBD
Personal Expenses and Meals - personal expenses vary based on each student's spending habits TBD


What's Included: 

This program runs from Monday May 8th, 2023 to Friday May 26th, 2023. 

This program is unique in that it is a part of a university exchange. Pitt students are charged tuition and fees for the summer for 3 credits and fees due to the fact that the program is a part of an exchange agreement with the University of Montevideo. 

As a part of the program costs, the following is included in the program:

  • Tuition for 3 Pitt credits
  • Airport transfers (in-country) 
  • International health and accident insurance
  • Company visits and cultural excursions as a part of the program

Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad. Visit our budgeting page for more information.

For global scholarship opportunities, check out:

  • the Pitt GEO scholarship page for links to national, provider and private scholarship samples
  • PittFund$Me  for Pitt sponsored funding including Pitt-wide global scholarships, Nationality Rooms, VIH, etc.
  • PittFund$Me  for the SSOE Global Experience Scholarships!

Pitt Business students can create a crowdfund using the Pitt Business Fund My Travel page. Please note that the Pitt Business International Scholarships are now included in the PittFund$Me application. 

When You'll Go: 

May 8th- May 26th, 2023

What Else You Need to Know: 

Interested in learning more about the program through your fellow students' eyes? Review the blogs of students that attended the program: