Katz European Summer Program - KEDGE Business School



The KEDGE International Summer School provides you with an opportunity to experience one of Europe’s top Business Schools. As a triple-accredited school (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB) you will have the ability to learn from professors at a program consistently ranked in the Top-40 Business and Management institutions in Europe by Financial Times.  

Selected courses and programs are available to Katz students. 

Application and Program Information currently being updated. Final information will be posted in January 2023.

Please see “Academic Description” for more information. 

Up to two (2) students may be nominated by the Graduate Programs Office for this summer program.


Please click the link HERE to view the pre-recorded information session.


Learning Objectives: 

As an engaged and active participant on the program, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Deepen your analytical and critical thinking skills through coursework at a high-quality European business school  
  • Explore business ideas and themes through a new perspective 
  • Advance your communication and interpersonal skills through interaction with faculty, fellow students and European business executives 
  • Improve your global awareness and acumen through immersion in a foreign country 
  • Broaden and enhance your personal and professional network 


Partner Information: 

Founded in 1872, Kedge is among France’s largest independent Business Schools, with: 

  • 12,500 Students
  • 10 Campuses on 3 Continents (Europe, Asia & Africa)
  • 183 Core Faculty 
  • 275 International Academic Partners 
  • One of the 1% of Business Schools worldwide triple-accredited by: 
    • ​EQUIS 
    • AACSB 
    • AMBA
  • Consistently ranked among the Top-40 Business and Management institutions in Europe
  • Ranked #1 in France for management research publications.  


Location Description: 

KEDGE Summer School has locations in three cities in France: Marseille, Bordeaux and Paris.  
(From our partners at KEDGE):  

  • Bordeaux - Bordeaux, France, voted the most attractive city in the world by the Los Angeles Times and Lonely Planet in 2017, is renowned for its fine wine and knowledge of luxury. We’ll take a closer look at the crossroads between traditional expertise and standards of excellence as they intersect with the concepts of brand management and experiential marketing. Thanks to its location on the Atlantic coast and with an excellent level of infrastructure (now just 2 hours from Paris by high-speed rail!), Bordeaux is a hub for many multinational companies, making it a logical choice for a closer look at innovations in Supply Chain Management & Design. And did you know that Bordeaux is also labeled as a centre of “French Tech” for its aptitude in developing innovative technologies? We’ll give participants a first-hand look at what it means to create a sound Business Model Design and couple it with the soft skills necessary to lead your vision to the marketplace.” 
  • Marseille - the 3rd largest city in France, is beautifully situated on France's southern coast, bordering the Mediterranean Sea.  The first Greek settlement in France (est. 600 B.C.), it remains one of the largest European ports linking Europe to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. A ‘Crossroads of the Mediterranean,’ modern Marseille is a city with a diverse population, both in terms of ethnicity and culture. Named as the European Capital of Culture in 2013 and the European Capital of Sport in 2017, Marseille is one of France's most dynamic large cities. With 7,200 companies created in the city in the last 5 years, as France's second largest research centre with over 3,000 research scientists within Aix-Marseille University, what better place to come and join one of our International  Summer School programmes dedicated to Diversity Management, Design, Finance, [and] International Business,[…].” 
  • Paris – a city that needs no introduction – the City of Lights. An indisputable world capital, site of the most ambitious international accords on curbing climate change, the Paris Agreements in 2016, and host to the 2024 Olympics, it has been home to some of the greatest creative talents and critical thinkers throughout history. What better place to spend 2 weeks gaining an insight into Disruptive Technologies and their impact on the companies and managers who use them?” 

When reviewing the approved course descriptions, please be sure to note the program location. 

Up to two (2) students may be nominiated by the Graduate Programs Office for this summer program under our exchange agreement with KEDGE.


Housing Description: 

KEDGE Business School pre-books a large series of “Appart-Hotels” in the city-centres of Bordeaux, and Marseille for our Summer School participants. In Paris, participants may choose to stay in Hotels, but in most cases, AirBnB is a more cost-effective option. 
Approximate Rates in Marseille & Paris*, not including breakfast (*rates vary according to room standing selected): 

  •  Shared Room: 30 - 40 € pp/night
  •  Single : 48 - 90 € pp/night  


Academic Description: 

All summer courses are taught in English and feature a combination of lecture, discussion, group work and field work.  

Students have the option to choose from one (1) of the below approved packages. 
Please be sure to specify which package you are interested in in your application: 

- Marseille: Global Finance & International Business*

  • Course 1: Global Financial Regulations (June 26-July 7)
  • Course 2: International Business, a Mediterranean Perspective (June 26-July 7)

Each course is three (3) hours per day over the course of two (2) weeks.
- Bordeaux: Supply Chain Management & Design*

  • Course 1: Design of the Supply Chain (June 5 - June 9)
  • Course 2: Management of the Supply Chain (June 12 - June 16)

Each course is six (6) hours per day over the course of one (1) week.

- Bordeaux: Entrepreneurship*

  • Course 1: Business Model Design (June 19 - June 23)
  • Course 2: Leadership Communication & Skills (June 26 - June 30)

Each course is six (6) hours per day over the course of one (1) week.

*Courses and packages pending final approval.


Students must receive a grade “B” or better to transfer the credits back to Katz. At the end of the program, students will receive 2 transcripts. One will reflect the French numeric grade and the second will include the U.S. letter grade. Please note, only the credits transfer back, not the letter grade. 

Experiential Learning Description: 

Project-focused course curricula, integrated Business visits and social/cultural trips, and Kedge student volunteers organizing extracurricular activities combine to offer a thoroughly immersive, international experience .

Program Fees: 

Items Billed by Pitt

  In-State/Out of State
Tuition 3-credits Katz tuition
Mandatory Fees $590
Study Abroad Fee $300
Total Billed by Pitt 3-credits Katz tuition + fees

Estimated Additional Out-of-Pocket Costs

Kedge Program Fee 100 euros
Airfare $1,500
Housing $400 - $460
Visa (if applicable) $150
Meals $100-$200
Personal Expenses $300-$400

Total Estimated Cost of Program (Includes items billed by Pitt and additional expenses).


Total Estimated Program Cost

  In-State/Out of State
In-Person Items billed by Pitt + Program Fee + Housing + Airfare + Additional In-Country expenses


Application Instructions: 

In order to be considered for this opportunity, students must complete the following information in the Study Abroad system: 

  • Application form - Students must specify which package they are applying for in their application.
  • Copy of Passport 

Additional materials may be required by KEDGE following your acceptance into the program. 
Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Programs Office. Selected students will then be nominated by the Graduate Programs Office. 
Up to two (2) students may be nominated by the Graduate Programs Office for this summer program.


Additional Information: 

Up to two (2) students may be nominiated by the Graduate Programs Office for this summer program.
Selected students are required to meet with Bill McShane prior to the end of the Spring semester. This Panther Program meeting will cover ground rules and expectations for the Pitt Global Experiences Office.

Insurance Requirements: 

Students studying abroad through Pitt Study Abroad are automatically provided health insurance coverage during the official program dates 

Visa Requirements: 

Some nationalities, such as Americans, Canadians, and Australians, in possession of a valid passport, do not need a visa for stays up to 90 days. 
The Global Experiences Office (and most foreign governments) requires that your passport be valid for at least six months after you plan on leaving your host country.