Something New in Salzburg

Riley Hesbacher, AIFS Salzburg Summer 2022

My daily life in Salzburg was pretty busy because of the intensity of classes and how short the program was. With four hours of classes a day and only four weeks in Salzburg, there was a lot I wanted to do in a short time. My first class started at 9 am, so I would wake up at 7:30 to get ready, make breakfast, pack lunch and walk to the bus stop by 8:25. Making my own breakfast and lunch was a big part of how I saved money during my time in Salzburg. We would normally go out for dinner most nights to see new parts of the city, so I needed to make up for the money spent there. After my first class, I had a two-hour break until the next class, so I would usually take a walk before eating lunch and doing some work for class. After my second class, we would all take the bus back to the dorm together, then have some downtime before whatever was planned for the evening. It was tiring having two straight hours of class without a break, so we all needed a bit of a break before going out. Sometimes we would have events planned for us by our program, such as a traditional dessert tasting or a theater performance, and sometimes we would just go walk through the city. The events scheduled by the program coordinators were great because they were usually things you wouldn’t have found by just googling “Things to do in Salzburg,” so those were especially fun. On weekends, we would have excursions to other cities, like Munich and Vienna. The program paid for travel for these trips so I didn’t have to budget for that, but they did not pay for food. I would usually pack lunch for the day of the trip and some snacks, but once in the city food is pretty expensive in tourist areas. If you want to save money, it’s best to go a bit farther away from the city center. To save money on tourist attractions, student discounts were great. If you have a student ID, you can usually get a few euros off at museums or churches. Though these weekend excursions were a bit pricey, they were always so worth it to see other cities in the area. Every day in Salzburg, I saw something new and learned more about the culture of the region in my classes and during my time spent exploring the city.