Everyday is A New Day

Amanda Serna, Engineering the German Way Summer 202

The best thing about Engineering the German Way Program was that everyday was completely different and exciting. Every morning we would get up early and either cook breakfast or walk to the bakery close to our hotel to pick up croissants and pretzels and other delicious pastries. Munich also had the most delicious orange juice I have ever tasted, and I craved it every morning. During the week our class schedule was different every day, but we would usually start class at 9am. We either had one, two, or three lectures and whenever we had few lectures in the morning it meant we had a very fun and exciting activity planned for us during the day. Some of these activities included going to the BMW museum and Olympic tower, Munich city tour, FC Bayern Arena tour and museum, and food market visits. The few days when we had long lectures throughout the whole day meant we were working with the German students in a lab. It was a neat experience being able to collaborate with them and hear their ideas on projects and labs we worked on together. Some days we had two lectures in the morning and had a free day to ourselves. Most of us took advantage of our free day and went into Marienplatz, the city center, and explored some more. Marienplatz had a lot of shoppes and restaurants and we spent many hours walking around the beautiful city shopping, buying souvenirs, and eating food. I even bought my own lederhosen and liter beer mug that I cherish very much. Another great experience in Marienplatz we encountered during our free time was going to St. Peters church. With our student Id cards we were able to go to observation deck at the top of the church for just 3 euros. Walking to the top of the church was an adventure in itself climbing all the flights of stairs and narrow halls but once you reach the top, the sight was unforgettable and worth the trip. It was the best view of Munich to see the whole city from the top. 
At the end of the day we would all either get dinner together or cook something in our rooms to save some money. We cooked quick meals such as cheeseburgers, pasta, and pizza during our trip. After dinner our group would meet up and hang out. Depending on how early or late we have class the next day we would go to a beer garden to have the famous German beer, walk around Marienplatz, or just stay in and watch a movie. Overall, there was so much I did on my trip and everyday was different from the other. I had a great experience and loved everything we did during the program.