Reflecting on Goals

Connor Scott, Plus3 UK Summer 2022

While I was abroad in the United Kingdom at Birmingham City University in Birmingham, I believed that it had an immense effect on me when it came to some of my goals that I would like to achieve either while I am still studying at Pitt or later in life when I have a job.
The program itself was for students who plan on going into nursing or education in the future. At first, it did not seem like the most straightforward pairing of majors for a study abroad. However, that changed when we started our studies at BCU. One major goal of mine that was affected was to become a high school history teacher. Simple enough, right? Well, my goal changed to wanting to be an informed history teacher when it comes to medical emergencies. Now, I know teachers can not do certain things that only school nurses can do. But, if I am able to understand what may be happening to a student, then I might be able to help a student as much as possible if a medical emergency happens until the school nurse or other paramedics arrive to help. If I can do that and help students get good educations in the process, then I will feel my professional goal as a teacher will be satisfied.
Another goal of mine is to leave some sort of legacy in life. At BCU, it changed from being any sort of legacy to wanting to leave a legacy that future teachers can look up to for guidance. It changed to that because of some of the stories I heard from professors at BCU. When listening to their stories, it got me thinking that the teaching profession is a ride when it comes to other professions. So, if I were able to leave a specific legacy behind when I am done with teaching, I will know that it is at least something that can be looked up to as something stable in the teaching profession.
Everyone has their own goals going into their life. But studying abroad will definitely want to make you rethink and re-evaluate those goals. You can rethink or re-evaluate something for the better or for the worst. It is ultimately up to you in the end since they are your own goals. I know studying abroad helped me rethink and re-evaluate my goals for the better and I hope that it will help those who read this blog in the future.