Post Acceptance Process

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Your application might be done, but there is still work to do for Pitt.  Below are some of the steps that every student needs to take.  This is a general outline, and your program acceptance email will have more information that is specific to you.  
If you are accepted to a Pitt-recognized program, submit a copy of your acceptance to the Study Abroad Office and we will provide further instruction.   
Following the formal nomination email from the Pitt Exchange Program Manager, you will receive further instructions from both Pitt and the host university on additional on campus steps and how to fill out the exchange application, respectively.  More information can be found here:  

Pre-Departure Meeting 

This student-only event is going to answer a lot of the questions you probably have about study abroad: how do grades work, when do I pay, and more.  Plus, our team will go over some important legal documents and review information to help you prepare to have a healthy, safe, and secure program abroad.


What are the exact dates of my program?  How do I get to my housing?  What is my housing?!  Wait, where am I going again? 
We’ll answer these questions and more at your program-specific orientation.  Our goal is to get you ready to step off the plane and into a successful semester abroad. Some programs might require multiple pre-departure orientations and meetings.   
In the case of Exchange Programs, the formal orientation will be hosted by the university that you will be studying at.  
You’ll also have orientation once you arrive in country – it might seem like a lot, but we want to make sure you have all of the tools and information you need to have a successful and enriching study abroad experience.  


Students participating in a Pitt-recognized or Exchange program will receive information on applying for any required visas from the program provider or exchange university, respectively. Be sure to follow through on any required processes in a timely manner, as this process can take time. 

Financial Aid and Paying Your Program’s Bill 

For Panther, Partner, and Exchange Programs, you’ll receive the bill for your program through PittPay.  That means that we follow normal billing practices and due dates. That also means that your financial aid, and any loans that you have requested, should automatically be applied to your account.  For Exchange Programs, you may receive a bill directly from the exchange university for costs related to housing and living costs.   
For Pitt-Recognized Programs, you’ll pay your program fees directly to the provider; the mandatory Study Abroad Administrative Fee in PittPay, and any financial aid will be refunded to you.  
For more information on paying your bill, see the Student Payment Center’s Website
For questions about financial aid and study abroad, contact Tim Bush in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.