Exploration of Energy and Electrification: Brazil

This international experience course will explore energy conversion, conservation, delivery, and end-use in Brazil. Students will learn about the history of Brazilian energy infrastructure, and how it has driven Brazil’s strategy to generate and use renewable energy. There will be a heavy focus on hydropower which makes up the largest percentage of Brazil’s energy generation. In addition, students will explore new and emerging technologies which take advantage of other means of renewable energy. Students will also be exposed to Brazilian culture including food, music, dance, and sports.

Comparative Healthcare in Graz

This study abroad experience in Graz, Austria will immerse you in an international environment where healthcare and policy differs significantly from the United States This five-week, 6-credit study abroad experience will give you the opportunity to explore healthcare through a comparative lens, using Austria and Slovenia as specific examples to contrast with the United States. This program is designed for any student who is interested in healthcare or on the pre-med track.